March 09, 2020

A Commitment to Excellence: Stericycle’s Core Values

Stericycle has served its customers with compliance-based solutions since 1989. Our core purpose is to help our customers fulfill their missions by providing solutions that protect people and brands, promote health and safeguard the environment.

Underpinning our culture are six core values that we aim to reflect in daily operations and interactions.

  • Integrity. We value honest and open interactions with others. Whether it’s customers, teammates or members of the public, we strive to be transparent and respectful. Doing the right thing is also a guiding principal and informs many of our decisions about products and services as well as how we allocate our time and resources.
  • Accountability. Our teams take ownership of their actions and focus on solutions. If we make a mistake, we admit it and work to make it right, so our customers know they can trust what we say and that we will deliver on our promises.
  • One team. One goal. Teamwork is at the center of our efforts. We approach problems as a group, partnering to solve issues and implement better processes. We firmly believe that our success is a result of the talent and leadership across our entire team. Great ideas and great results come when everyone is given a voice.
  • Customer first. We continuously strive to exceed customer expectations and are committed to the highest levels of service. We aim to partner with our clients to identify and resolve their pain points and effectively meet their goals.
  • Continuous improvement. We are always looking to do better.  A few of our recent efforts include route optimization to reduce mileage and greenhouse gas emissions, the introduction of master operating plans to improve efficiencies in our facilities, and the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system to enhance our visibility to operational performance.
  • Enjoying our work. While we are dedicated to serving our customers and fostering the best possible experience, there’s no reason why we can’t have fun doing it. We approach our jobs with a spirit of camaraderie, building a culture that cultivates team member engagement, inclusion and loyalty. We provide professional development opportunities to help our employees grow and meet their personal and professional goals.

Together, our values and purpose engender a philosophy we call the Circle of Growth. By creating an environment where team members enjoy, excel and are passionate about what they do, it encourages customer satisfaction and allegiance. When customers believe in us, it sustains and grows our business, and allows us to reinvest back into the company to give our people better resources to do their jobs. This results in team member enthusiasm, expertise and loyalty—and the cycle begins again.

At Stericycle, we work hard every day to protect what matters. To learn more about our company culture and values, go to

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