Compliant Sharps Waste Disposal and Management Solutions

We offer a wide range of reusable and single-use sharps containers and service options tailored to your facility type and size, to safely manage sharps disposal.

Convenient and Safe Sharps Disposal with a Compliance Expert

Safe Needle Disposal

Whether they’re single-use or reusable, Stericycle containers are designed with safety in mind to help you compliantly dispose of sharps and reduce needlestick injuries that can result in bloodborne pathogens exposure.

Sharps Disposal Container and Service Options to Match Your Needs

Reusable, single-use and mail back containers, as well as full service and self-service options for container exchange, supporting a variety of healthcare facilities and businesses.

Regulatory Compliance

We offer sharps disposal and documentation to maintain compliance with applicable provincial and federal transportation and Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

Safe Disposal of Sharps in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

While many healthcare organizations focus on how to safely and compliantly dispose of sharps waste inside their organization, they can lose sight of what happens to waste once it leaves the facility. From disposal to transportation to treatment, a knowledgeable medical waste management partner can play a key role in ensuring the waste management process is handled properly from end to end.

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Disposable Sharps Solution

Our single-use Sharps Solution allows you to easily manage sharps waste with your biohazardous waste disposal, safely and compliantly.

  • Step 1

    Place your sharps containers in the area of intended use

  • Step 2

    Add sharps until you reach the Fill Line

  • Step 3

    Swap the full container with the empty container

  • Step 4

    Place full sharps containers in a lined biohazardous container and package for driver pickup

Reusable Sharps Solution

Our Sharps Management Service is safe, efficient, and sustainable utilizing reusable containers and streamlines the collection and disposal of sharps waste helping you protect what matters.

1.    Seamless Installation
2.    Full-Service or Self-Service Container Exchange
3.    Tracked at Pick-Up
4.    Safely and Compliantly Transported

5.    Recorded for Compliant Treatment and Disposal
6.    Washed and Disinfected
7.    Quality Inspected
8.    Safely and Sustainably Reused

Carbon Footprint Estimator

In 2020, Stericycle and its client-partners diverted 104 million pounds of plastic from entering landfills through the use of reusable sharps containers. Stericycle was a pioneer in sustainable medical waste disposal and continues to this day to innovate safe, compliant, and eco-conscious solutions that protect the team members, patients, and communities of healthcare organizations around the world.

Use our Carbon Footprint Estimator to see how your healthcare organization will reduce greenhouse gas emissions if you switch from single use, disposable containers to Stericycle reusable sharps containers. If you are currently using Stericycle reusable sharps containers, use the tool to calculate and celebrate your sustainability achievements.

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As part of our commitment to responsible medical sharps disposal, we are proud to support Sharps Collection Programs managed by Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA). These programs provide a safe and convenient way for consumers to dispose of used medical sharps in an environmentally responsible manner.

To learn more about properly storing and handling medical sharps or finding a collection location near you, we encourage you to visit the HPSA website at