Product Reclamation

Our flexible service models offer options for large and small distributors and product vendors with different service needs.

Accuracy, Experience, and Efficiency - We offer the best methods for processing unsaleable products in Canada

Stericycle is Canada’s leading supplier of product reclamation services for the consumer packaged goods industry. Our flexible service offering provides two models for product vendors and distributors –

  1. We are the only company in Canada to provide direct At-Store services for Reclamation and Recalls, coast to coast. We provide a complete service to retailers, distributors and manufacturers for managing unsaleable products and the collection of recalled merchandise. We operate a fleet of vehicles that calls regularly on more than 3,500 stores and 30 distribution centres nationally.
  2. Stericycle also operates full service reclamation and return centres with secure locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal. We have trained staff, proven systems and the resources, and experience to implement reclamation and recall programs quickly and efficiently.

Our flexible service models offer options for large and small distributors and product vendors with different service needs. Contact us with your unique needs and we’ll help find a solution.

Key Advantages – Stericycle At-Store Reclamation reduces overall costs associated with the unnecessary handling of unsaleable merchandise.

Accountability and Accuracy is critical to any inventory control function. Stericycle’s proprietary systems were created to ensure accuracy and efficiency in dealing with the millions of damaged products in Canada each year.

Brand Protection – Your brand and corporate identity are protected from abuse. All products are donated, recycled or legally disposed of ensuing all items are kept out of “gray markets”.

Quick and Efficient – Stericycle crews visit the stores directly to scan and process the items. This scheduled service ensures consistency and efficiency for store staff.

Accurate Reporting is prompt and focused, Valuable information is provided to all stakeholders to better understand root causes and trends and ultimately reduce unsaleables.

Flexibility – Our flexible service offering allows customers to define and customize the parameters of their program. We tailor the suit to fit you.

Reducing Waste – Waste is dealt with at source, not hauled around the highways.

Supporting Communities – Products are donated to food banks in the communities where they are generated. The Canadian consumer product industry, utilizing Stericycle’s unique approach to managing unsaleables, is one of the largest donors of products to food banks in Canada.

All products are handled according to Canadian industry guidelines. We as an industry can be proud that every year millions and millions of pounds of usable food and consumer products which can’t be sold are donated to Canadian Food Banks.

The Stericycle At-Store Reclamation system is accepted and trusted by both Distributors and Vendors.

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