February 24, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Stericycle Driver

Stericycle drivers are important members of the Stericycle family, embodying our mission to protect what matters. Because they are out in the field every day interacting with customers, they serve as the face of our company, bringing a positive attitude and knowledgeable professionalism to customer interactions. Being a Stericycle driver takes hard work and a strong commitment to customer service. We recently sat down with Jonathan Perfecto, a father of two who has been driving for the company for two years, to learn about a typical day.

“My day actually starts the afternoon of the previous day, when I make a load list for the truck,” Jonathan says. “This is a printout of all the stops I will make the next day with the average pickups and drop offs for each stop.” Using this load list, his fellow employees pack the truck early in the morning.

“I arrive at work around 5 a.m. and double check that everything is on the truck and I have what I need for the day. I also make sure the truck is in safe, working order and complete some paperwork, including my drivers log.”

A Stericycle driver makes anywhere between 20 and 40 stops per day, depending on how close the stops are to each other. “If there are many stops in the same building, I can fit more in. However, if I have to drive several miles between stops that takes more time. My schedule is planned for me based on a three-month average of driving time and stop duration, so no matter how many stops are on my list, I’m given enough time to safely and fully complete them. “

Jonathan visits all types of facilities, from small physician practices and dental offices to large hospitals and medical centers. Depending on the facility, he may interact with an environmental services professional, an office manager, a nurse or even a doctor. “Because I regularly see the same people week after week and even multiple times a week, I have been able to develop relationships, making a point to say hello and ask about their days during the stop. Connecting with people and delivering a high-level of service is important to me. I try to make the waste disposal process as easy as possible for our customers. Sometimes, when I arrive on site, the waste is not appropriately packaged, and I need to provide a little guidance on the correct method. Due to Stericycle policy, I’m not allowed to touch the waste, but I can tell them how to properly prepare it. I then give them a few minutes to fix any issues, so I can be sure to take whatever waste they need disposed.”

Jonathan makes being a driver look easy, but the job can be challenging. “It’s a very physical position and when I first started it was tough because I wasn’t familiar with the routes or how to navigate some of the large medical centers. However, I received a lot of support and encouragement from management as well as some good training, and over time I became comfortable in the role. Being a Stericycle driver is a great opportunity. I get to meet interesting people and build long-lasting relationships, helping customers meet their waste management needs and keep their organizations and communities safe.”

Stericycle is committed to providing an excellent customer experience, and that starts with ensuring employees enjoy their work and are personally invested in that commitment. For more information about how Stericycle and our staff help protect what matters, go to Stericycle Culture.

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