August 19, 2021

Engaging Team Members, Customers, and Patients Is Key to Stericycle’s Brand Promise

Stericycle recently relaunched our corporate brand, renewing our dedication to protecting health and well-being in safe, responsible, and sustainable ways. By connecting people, knowledge, insights, and resources, we engage with our team members, our customers and their customers to build healthier businesses and safer communities.

Engagement is a key component of our commitment to protect what matters. Whether communicating with our customers, strengthening connections with their patients, or aligning with experts, legislators, and regulators, our goal is to partner with others to shape a healthier and safer world.

As a leader in regulated waste disposal and compliance, Stericycle partners with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to determine and implement best practices for the proper packaging, transportation, and treatment of medical waste in the U.S.

Similarly, we engage with international regulatory agencies in the countries where we operate. We also provide guidance to customers on navigating the intricacies of compliant waste classification, disposal, and reverse distribution across the countries we serve.

“Engaging our legislators, our regulators, and our stakeholders ensures we’re successful in our mission to protect what matters,” says Susan Olavarria, Stericycle’s Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs. “This is what qualifies us as a market leader.”

At Stericycle, this commitment to engagement is also felt in our team member interactions. “Engagement is the connection our team members have to the company, who we are, our values, and how it motivates them,” says Lara Morrow, Director of Culture and Communications. One way these connections manifest themselves is in our employee resource groups (ERGs), which help build an inclusive culture where our team members feel welcome, valued, and heard. In addition to focusing on recruitment, retention, advancement, and representation of our diverse workforce, ERGs engage with our communities through volunteerism.

The ERGs aren’t the only way Stericycle works to make communities safer and enhance well-being. Our products and services protect what matters, particularly our Safe Community Solutions, which safely dispose of household-generated medications and sharps waste. We partner with pharmacies, hospitals, law enforcement, employers, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to deliver our services to communities, safeguarding public health and the environment.

We also engage with and protect communities with community Shred-it® events, where we partner with organizations to host shredding events that increase awareness of identity theft and business fraud. “Community Shred-it events are a great opportunity for our customers to partner with us and give back to their communities,” says Ammon Woods, our Senior Vice President of Shred-it Sales.

Stericycle’s Communication Solutions are another way engagement is integral to our brand. Our Patient Engagement Solutions orchestrate more than 300,000 unique patient interactions every day via voice and digital channels—nearly 110 million each year. These services have supported hospitals and health systems as they implemented and ran COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs with online scheduling, message broadcast, and multi-channel patient communications.

“Connecting with the community at large, making a difference in their lives, and providing something valuable to them is key to Stericycle’s mission of protecting what matters,” says Kristin Aldred Cheek, Senior National Account Executive, Community Engagement. “Whether it’s defending the safety of healthcare providers, keeping medical waste out of the environment, or engaging in a particular issue like the opioid crisis, we can help.”

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