September 18, 2019

Tackling the Opioid Crisis: Just One Way Stericycle Takes the Lead on Safety

According to a National Safety Council (NSC) survey, three out of four employers have been directly impacted by the opioid crisis, and yet only 17 percent indicate they feel extremely well-prepared to deal with it. As part of Stericycle’s continuing commitment to safety, we are renewing our partnership with the NSC to build awareness around the opioid crisis and provide practical solutions for addressing it. A key focus for 2019 is The Opioids at Work Toolkit, which empowers employers to fight the opioid epidemic in the workplace.

The free toolkit, launched officially today, September 18, 2019, is designed to assist employers and businesses in creating a robust, drug-free workplace policy and support system, helping to keep workers safe. It includes educational tools for human resources professionals, supervisors and employees, such as fact sheets, posters, safety talks, videos and case studies on how other employers are approaching the problem.

One Component in Stericycle’s Array of Safety Solutions

Sponsoring the launch of the toolkit is just one way that Stericycle extends its commitment to protect people, promote health and safeguard the environment. For more than 30 years, we have provided a portfolio of solutions that make it easy to safely and securely dispose of potentially hazardous materials. Below are some ways that Stericycle helps lead the way to a safer workplace, environment and community: 

Drug Take Back Programs

Our 2019 study found that nearly 20 percent of Americans hold on to their prescription medications because they don’t know what to do with them, and one in 10 have offered or given their unused prescription drugs to friends or family members for either medical or recreational use. Our Seal&Send℠ envelopes and Drug Take Back Kiosks offer anonymous, no-cost methods for consumers to send back drugs for secure destruction, preventing drug abuse and environmental contamination that results when drugs are thrown in the trash or flushed down a drain.

Controlled Substance Waste Service (CsRx®)

Designed to help hospitals mitigate drug diversion stemming from controlled substance waste disposal, this practical program includes three key components:

  1. Containers that deactivate controlled substance waste on contact
  2. One-way disposal path that prevents retrieval of disposed drugs
  3. Processes for incinerating controlled substance waste to limit negative environmental effects

When organizations implement this suite of solutions, they can curb the likelihood of drug diversion, keeping dangerous medications out of the community.

Sharps Waste Solutions

In addition to promoting safe medication disposal, we also offer tools that facilitate the disposal of hazardous waste like used needles, scalpels and broken glass. Our sharps disposal services streamline the process of throwing away contaminated sharps and keep employees safe from dangers such as cuts, needlesticks and other injuries. Further, these tools help to improve sustainability using reusable containers and keep dangerous needles and sharps out of our communities.


At Stericycle, safety is our number one priority. Whether it’s offering solutions to securely dispose of opioids or finding ways to limit the risks of sharps injury, we are committed to continuously evolving our efforts to keep communities, workplaces, and the environment safe.

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