August 02, 2023

Stericycle Launches Re-engineered One Gallon, Regulated Waste Containers

Contemporary design using less plastic is latest investment in container portfolio for sharps waste and controlled substance wastage

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. – Aug 2, 2023 - Stericycle, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRCL), a leading provider of medical waste management and secure information destruction solutions, today announced the launch of its re-engineered one-gallon SafeDropTM Sharps Mail Back and one-gallon CsRx® Controlled Substance Wastage containers. Compared to Stericycle’s previous containers, this new line provides customers with a contemporary design, improved ease of use, and a more sustainable product.

Stericycle’s SafeDropTM Sharps Mail Back containers provide a convenient solution for healthcare providers to manage sharps waste. The re-engineered unit includes everything Stericycle customers need to package sharps waste for transportation, treatment and disposal. Also re-engineered, the company’s CsRx® Controlled Substance Wastage containers are designed to help hospitals prevent diversion when disposing of controlled substance wastage. The innovative, one-way disposal path allows pharmaceutical waste to be securely captured, preventing unauthorized access to disposed medications. It also helps to reduce the contamination of community waterways compared to disposal down the drain.

The re-engineered one-gallon containers retain all the features of Stericycle’s current containers and have an improved design with benefits including:

  • Ease of Use: Redesigned, tethered lids allow easy container closing with a single handle as well as improved grip and handling

  • Sustainability: Uses 40% less plastic compared to Stericycle’s prior containers, helping to reduce CO2 emissions associated with the manufacturing process*

  • Contemporary Design: Modern design aesthetic fits seamlessly into hospital workspaces

  • Compatibility: Compatible with current Stericycle brackets and mounts for a seamless transition

“We continue to make significant investments in our container portfolio to bring healthcare providers innovative, sustainable services,” commented Cory White, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Stericycle. “As a company committed to protecting people and our communities, Stericycle’s launch of these re-engineered containers further demonstrates the positive impact our solutions have in reducing plastic without compromising product integrity for our customers.”

In the U.S., rollout of the re-engineered SafeDropTM containers to Stericycle customers began in May 2023 while rollout of the CsRx® Controlled Substance Wastage containers began in June 2023. In Canada, re-engineered CsRx® containers were also made available in May.  SafeDropTM containers are not available in Canada at this time. There is no action for Stericycle customers to take to transition to the new containers.

The re-engineering of SafeDropTM and CsRx® containers is a continuation of Stericycle’s broader container rationalization and modernization strategy to transition from over 150 container types to less than 20. Last spring, Stericycle released its new SafeShieldTM antimicrobial medical waste containers, a line of high-quality, standardized containers specifically designed for the storage and transport of regulated medical waste. Since April 2022, over 280,000 SafeShieldTM containers have been deployed in North America, with the rollout anticipated to be completed over the next three years. These award-winning containers are coated with an antimicrobial protectant, which reduces the potential spread of infection while minimizing odor. They also feature an improved and more durable design in standard sizes that are nestable and stackable, allowing for more efficient transportation and storage.

Stericycle continues to deliver solutions and drive innovations that help protect the environment, people and public health.  Globally in 2022, Stericycle helped customers divert 101 million pounds of plastic from landfills through the use of reusable waste containers rather than single use containers. Additionally, Stericycle: treated 1.5 billion pounds of medical waste prior to disposal, helping to protect the public from potentially harmful materials; incinerated 38 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste prior to disposal, helping to keep active pharmaceutical ingredients out of waterways; and recycled one billion pounds of paper, helping safeguard customers’ confidential information.

Please visit the Stericycle website for more information about the CsRx® Controlled Substance Wastage Solutions and SafeDropTM Sharps Mail Back Program.

*Stericycle Data, 2023

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