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For the past 30 years, Stericycle Canada has been committed to providing a suite of highly specialized solutions serving healthcare organizations and commercial businesses of every size.


At this time, Stericycle is deemed to be providing an essential service and remains operating.

Three major impacts on Stericycle’s ability to continue its services have been identified:

  1. Increase in waste volumes generated due to more waste being deemed biomedical waste and more generating sites (diagnostic and/or treatment sites)
  2. Reduction of available workforce due employees either being sick or having to stay home in quarantine or to take care of a family member
  3. Difficulty in procuring the required equipment and supplies due to shortages or impacted suppliers


  • Stericycle has an elaborate network of transportation, transfer and processing facilities across the country. The facilities are prepared to deploy their resources as required to any area more affected. This includes facilities both in Canada and the US
  • Agreements are also in place with various rental companies for the provision of extra vehicles for collection and/or storage if required

  • Protect our employees by providing them with adequate and timely information and training programs regarding how they could be exposed, and what preventive measures they can take.
  • Administrative and customer service employees working from home to minimize the potential of exposure. Travel and group meetings have been stopped.
  • Contracts with temporary worker agencies for the provision of drivers and or plant workers with the appropriate qualifications have been put in place.
  • Have identified which team members could be mobilized to other locations if required. Cross training of various team members is also in place.
  • Adequate inventory of safety supplies, including but not limited to gloves, masks, safety glasses, disinfecting wipes, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are maintained.
  • Psychological support is available to all employees affected or potentially affected by a pandemic through the company Employee Assistance Plan

Currently, the Public Health Department recommendations do not require any special packaging for biomedical waste generated from COVID-19 patients or suspected patients. However, Stericycle has ensured all its sites have ample supplies available and in stock to ensure continuing service even if waste volumes increase. It also has ensured its reusable container washing capabilities can absorb any increased volume.


As a primarily direct business to business service company, Stericycle has specific supply needs, and we have a team in place and have been reviewing all essential supplies and inventories. Currently Stericycle does not see any major supplies at risk that would create business continuity issues. We continue to be in close contact with all major supply partners and are identifying alternative options if necessary.

Yes. Stericycle is a critical part of the healthcare industry. Our customers and the communities we serve rely on Stericycle in times like these to ensure safe and compliant access to medical waste disposal.

We have changed our protocols for hospital and pharmacy waste collections to minimize risk of contact with potentially infected patients. In addition, our team members are authorized to deny pickup of wastes from customers not conforming to our waste acceptance protocols or packaging guidelines.

No – current waste packaging protocols are in effect. It is however more important than ever that waste is properly packaged in full compliance with the established protocol.

Our Environmental Safety and Health and leadership teams are routinely communicating with our organization and providing guidance on precautionary measures for both work and home.

Stericycle follows the guidelines published by Transport Canada, the provincial ministries of the Environment and Health Canada.

We are providing guidance and ongoing communication to all team members on proper risk mitigation practices including following Health Canada and CDC-approved hand hygiene, operating at safe distances, and proper use of PPE, including gloves. We continue to communicate within our organization to provide guidance on precautionary measures to minimize disease spread at home and work.

We have communicated across all businesses that if employees are symptomatic or believe they were at risk to stay home and seek medical attention as necessary. In the event of a potential exposure to a member of our team, we will coordinate with local health officials and follow the recommended protocols.

We are encouraging voluntary isolation for team members who believe they are at risk and/or report or show signs of symptoms related to COVID-19.

All business travel has been suspended. We have established a ban on all travel to high-risk countries.

Below are additional links to government resources for COVID-19: