Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Hub


Hospital Waste Procedures

Stericycle has been considering all aspects of proper management, treatment, and disposal of regulated medical waste generated during care of COVID-19 patients, as related to both healthcare and waste workers.

COVID-19 Waste Packaging:

MOE, PHAC and CDC guidance states that medical waste coming from healthcare facilities treating COVID-19 patients should not be managed any different than those without. Healthcare facilities should follow all normal medical waste packaging conditions and standard disposal procedures, based on waste type continue to apply (see more below).

Stericycle In-Hospital Service Procedures:
For hospitals with an on-site in-service technician servicing the sharps containers under our Sharps Management Service, the following guidelines now apply:

  • As a precautionary measure, Stericycle service technicians will not be entering any patient isolation rooms regardless of Isolation Room Signage.
  • Technicians will be checking in at nurse’s stations to ask about any rooms we should not be entering. If rooms are identified, the technician will not service containers. This applies to patient rooms, procedure areas, emergency departments and other areas.
  • Containers in isolation rooms and areas which could not be serviced should be serviced by your staff and brought to the soiled utility room. Our technician will then service the container from this location.
  • You may also choose to procure disposable containers through your supplier/distributor or by contacting Stericycle Customer Experience.

For Pathological, Cytotoxic, and Pharmaceutical Waste continue to follow current standard procedures and Stericycle’s Waste Acceptance Policy.